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How to convert xbmc addons for enigma2 plugin XBMCAddons


OpenSpa Team
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Admin OpenSPA
Hello friends,

As there are large numbers of xbmc addons of possible interest to us, it will be very useful if some of you with some coding knowledge try to convert these plugins for enigma2.

The method in plugin XBMCAddons is to run in python loops with sys.argv items (names and urls) provided by,, and (find them in /usr/lib/enigma2/python) in the previous loop. These .py files read the listitems and adddirectoryitems and output them for the main plugin. At the end of each loop - the user sees the names list and urls list. He makes a choice and the next loop starts. The final loop provides (if it works) the video url which is played on tv.

Step 1. If you do not already have xbmc - install it on pc. It is necessary to first check that the addon works on xbmc. Also later - when an item does not work with plugin XBMCAddons - you can see how the item works in the actual xbmc log.

Step 2. Look in addon.xml in the addon folder - to see what script.modules are required (ignore xbmc.python). Install these modules.

Step 3. Do the three e.log telnet commands. Start the addon. When it stops - look at the e.log. Install the missing items. Anything you do not understand - please post the log and ask for help.

Si despues de seguir los pasos hay algun problema, se puede pedir ayuda al creador del plugin en el siguiente post: